Dear Conservancy Members:

Thank you for your support over the past year. It is due to your membership that the Conservancy is able to undertake several projects and programs with great success, as well as to plan for the future.

The Conservancy’s Broad Creek Woods, a 72-acre forested property located across from St. John’s Episcopal Church on Livingston Road has been a continued focus of the Board of Trustees. Having completed the marking of the entire boundary of the property with blue vertical paint and placing property identification signs along Livingston Road, the next stage of work has now begun. The Conservancy has entered into an agreement with the National Zoo’s Department of Nutrition Science to harvest the 2-arce patch of bamboo on the southwest corner of the property. The Conservancy has also submitted grant requests to eradicate the Greenbriar, an invasive prickly plant, throughout the woods as well as to remove the remaining trash that has been left in the property. If these proposed grants are accepted, it is hoped that all of this work can be accomplished by the end of this summer.

Once these initiatives are completed, the Conservancy can then start the work to create a public educational trail through the Broad Creek Woods. The goal of this proposed trail is to provide identification and information about the various trees and plants on the property. It will also offer information on the conservation of wooded areas.

In the fall, the Conservancy will present a lecture by Jennifer Stabler on the historic cemeteries in Prince George’s County. Jennifer Stabler is the County’s archaeologist with the Historic Preservation Office. This event will be on September 16, 2017 at St. John’s Episcopal Church. A tour of the historic St. John’s cemetery will follow the lecture, as well as a reception. As with most Conservancy events, this will be free to the public. A flyer on this event will be sent to our members later in the year.

During last year the Conservancy’s web site was expanded to include a variety of documents relating to the Broad Creek Historic District. The continuing aim of the web site is to allow those interested in this area to have a single site in which they can explore meaningful documents and historical papers about this important area. For those who have not visited  please take the time to see what has been added. The Board views this web site as a work in progress, looking to add more materials during the year.

In order for the Conservancy of Broad Creek to be at all effective and credible, it needs the support of its members. Having a growing and caring membership allows the Conservancy to stand tall and be respected when it speaks and engages with others. Knowing that there is a community of support behind it, gives strength to the Conservancy to pursue its mission and goals.

I truly hope that all of you will continue to be members of the Conservancy, and will ask your friends and family members to join and support the Conservancy of Broad Creek as well. Again, thank you for all of your past support to this non-profit organization.


Michael S. Leventhal, 
   President, Board of Trustees

PO Box 44167 Fort Washington, Maryland 20749
The Conservancy of Broad Creek is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


May 2017